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Birthday Surprise!

On this faithful day (January 28th) 300 years ago, Orange-sama was born a healthy orange baby. After several years of growing, maturing and avoiding giant fruit-eating hands, Orange-sama’s efforts at growing up has finally come to fruition. (See what we did there?)

We congratulate you, Orange-sama, for becoming ripe as a fruit in the basket of life, for not running away from the fruit-flies that are life’s challenges, and third of all, avoiding the bottomless blender of life that is depression. Thank you, for not becoming a smoothie.

The meeting of us three was not at all inevitable. Seriously, what are the chances of having a bursting celestial figure, a citrus fruit and an alien-like human in the same room together at the same time without one being annihilated by the other? BUT it DID HAPPEN. Starburst-chan had a cold and couldn’t burst that day, Serené Lin was surprisingly not hungry and luckily, did not have a craving for fruits, and Orange-sama was just…there in the room. That’s pretty much Orange-sama had to do. She was just there, and her citrisy smell presence just filled the room. Starburst-chan and Serene Lin immediately recognized the amazing potential that such a orange fruit could have and blackmailed recruited her into the Daifuuku! Team.

We thank you Orange-sama, for a lot of things. First of all, dealing with Serené Lin’s overuse of the word oxygen, morning and obsession with Hello!Project. Second, dealing with Starburst-chan’s chronic condition of exploding right after she has an assessment. Thirdly, being the great aniblogger that you are, and the brave soul that watch horror and NSFW shows that the rest of us two scaredycats can’t. Fourthly, you own a mac…enough said, GG. You are ze glue that holds all of us Daifuuku!ers together.

Happy birthday Orange-sama! Hope you have one filled with lots of joy and excitement! Party hard, pig out, enjoy yourself, watch anime, read manga, blog, and drink 8 glasses of water everyd..where is this going?!



Episode 1~GoSick

Instead of the usual assortment of sweets, Cafe Daifuuku!’s special today shall be mystery meat. Good old mystery meat that is mysterious in all ways except that it is definitely meat. It could be full of great flavours, it could also be full of disgusting ones. We won’t know till we try it.

Get your spoons ready folks, because we’re about to dig into…

The title makes sense if you try to say it with a Japanese accent


Episode 2~ IS Infinite Stratos

It’s time, yet again, to take another bite our of a slice of our freshly baked Infinite Stratos pie! This time with twice the flavour of Mecha and romance with half the fat of a regular romantic comedy. Take it with a cup of sweet coffee, because your taste buds are in for a bumpy ride.


Episode 1~ IS Infinite Stratos

“This guy in the front of the line won’t move!”

It’s always good to get yourself a healthy daily dose of anime. Today here at Cafe Daifuuku!~ We are serving up a light breakfast composed of comedy, science fiction and romance, with a side dish of harem (which will be more than a side dish to come). Now, let’s immerse ourselves in the fresh taste of this new anime.


2011 ~ Winter Anime Season Preview


Brrrr! A cold wind is blowing, bringing with it buckets and buckets of snow. At this rate, it looks like we’ll get snowed in!

Luckly, we’ve just recieved a brand new shipment of coffee to try. We ~LOVE~ tastetesting!
Wanna help? Free drinks and cookies!
Lets go! ~itadakimasu!




Greetings people of this dimension! Welcome to Café Daifuuku! (remember: double U and exclamation mark!) Starburst-chan and Serené are here to take your order!

Here in Café Daifuuku, we offer a huge array of coffees for your enjoyment. Caffè Comedy, or Cappuccino served with a Slice of Life, you name it, we have it! Mahou-Shojo Espresso, anyone? If your drink is too bitter, why not sweeten it with a dash of sugary Romance? Starburst-chan and Serené are against drinking bitter coffee!

Whats that? Getting hungry? Well, not to worry! Here at Café Daifuuku!, we also serve cakes and cookies for our famished customers. Our Science-Fiction biscuits are great when taken with a touch of Adventure jams, and our Action cupcakes will refill your energy and have you jumping in your seats in no time! It’s a hot day and you want to cool down? Try our Mystery Ice-Cream Cake! It’ll chill you to the bone!

Of course, no Café is complete without that extra dash of fun! Here at Café Daifuuku, we offer music and mangas for your viewing and listening pleasure! Why not pick up the newest volume of Shounen-Jump with Starburst-chan while you wait for your order to be filled, or take a spin on the Jukebox with Serené to hear all the latest music as you’re savoring your coffee? It’s truly a multi-dimensional experience!

So without further ado, don’t forget to visit Café Daifuuku! for that cup of Joe! Our work hours are:

Monday to Saturday: 12:01AM – 11:59PM
Sundays: Forever

We’re looking forward to your visit! Come back soon!

Lots of Hugs,
Starburst-chan and Serené

Irashaimase~! We hope you enjoy your stay!

Please welcome Café Daifuuku’s first employee: Orange-sama! Specializing in Orange-flavored Pastries with a twist of zesty Horror, this new chef will have you screaming in delight – and other reasons. Look forward to this new flavor on our menu!