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Hey guys! Serené here. This is just a quick update to tell you all that the 3 of us here at Café Daifuuku are still all alive (and in 3 separate pieces) now that midterms are over!

[Insert Party Hats here]

…well, at least I am. I’m afraid the other 2 weren’t quite as lucky…
Starburst-chan is off studying for an in-class exam later this week (spanish), and Orange-sama is…umm…re-juicing…yeah, that’s what it is. Winter and stress can be hard on oranges.
However, they will all be back by next week at the latest, and for now, I should be able to keep everything going…right?

Since we’re all pretty much back however, we have some exciting announcements to make:

First up, we have … *drumroll* … a secret! And we shan’t tell you.
At least not for now. Keep your eyes on the box below. You’ll never know when something exciting might pop up!

< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >

We’ve Moved!

< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >


Episode 4 ~ Madoka Magica


First up, an update: Yes, all Café Daifuuku staff are currently being attacked by a bombardment of Italian Dustbunnies midterm exams, and so we apologize for the generous amount of dust that has so far been able to settle on our tabletops and on your computer screen! We’ll get to dusting as soon as exams are over!

Having said that however, just because we’re having midterm exams, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re studying…
Oh hohohohoho~

So until I find a reason to crack down on some textbooks, lets fill up on some coffee and cake!

Thus, today’s meal comes to you in 2 dishes:

  • Dish 1: Reasons to Be Working
  • Dish 2: Possible Results


Birthday Surprise!

On this faithful day (January 28th) 300 years ago, Orange-sama was born a healthy orange baby. After several years of growing, maturing and avoiding giant fruit-eating hands, Orange-sama’s efforts at growing up has finally come to fruition. (See what we did there?)

We congratulate you, Orange-sama, for becoming ripe as a fruit in the basket of life, for not running away from the fruit-flies that are life’s challenges, and third of all, avoiding the bottomless blender of life that is depression. Thank you, for not becoming a smoothie.

The meeting of us three was not at all inevitable. Seriously, what are the chances of having a bursting celestial figure, a citrus fruit and an alien-like human in the same room together at the same time without one being annihilated by the other? BUT it DID HAPPEN. Starburst-chan had a cold and couldn’t burst that day, Serené Lin was surprisingly not hungry and luckily, did not have a craving for fruits, and Orange-sama was just…there in the room. That’s pretty much Orange-sama had to do. She was just there, and her citrisy smell presence just filled the room. Starburst-chan and Serene Lin immediately recognized the amazing potential that such a orange fruit could have and blackmailed recruited her into the Daifuuku! Team.

We thank you Orange-sama, for a lot of things. First of all, dealing with Serené Lin’s overuse of the word oxygen, morning and obsession with Hello!Project. Second, dealing with Starburst-chan’s chronic condition of exploding right after she has an assessment. Thirdly, being the great aniblogger that you are, and the brave soul that watch horror and NSFW shows that the rest of us two scaredycats can’t. Fourthly, you own a mac…enough said, GG. You are ze glue that holds all of us Daifuuku!ers together.

Happy birthday Orange-sama! Hope you have one filled with lots of joy and excitement! Party hard, pig out, enjoy yourself, watch anime, read manga, blog, and drink 8 glasses of water everyd..where is this going?!


Episode 3 ~ Madoka Magica

Every once in a while, someone might accidentally fall asleep while baking cakes and slip in the wrong spice or ingredient. Lets face it; we’re all human and we all make mistakes right?

Of course, there are also times when the mistake is made on purpose. An unexpected chili-sauce may find its way mysteriously into a Creme Puff. Ginger slices may be used instead of strawberries on a cake. Brocolli might be tasted in one’s coffee. An unsuspecting non-paying customer end up in the loo for longer than they expected.
Needless to say, we try our best to avoid situations like these by taste-testing each one.


It might not look like it, but this Light-and-Fluffy coffee was found to contain traces of Orange Juice!

A few days ago, one of the cakes slipped under our radar. It was a cute, fluffy, and pink Mahou Shoujo cupcake. No one thought to test it out….
And now it is out there…somewhere…

We can only hope the unfortunate customer had dropped the cake-box on the way home, wreaking the taste-bomb cupcake and disposing of it without eating.
But of course, life isn’t that convenient, is it?

Of course, to help you fully understand the situation, we need to start from the beginning.
Thus, today’s message comes to you in 2 parts one part. That is:

Part 2: The possible scenarios
(sorry >.< I’m skipping the anime review this week because of exams. More about that later, but I’ll possibly get back to this afterwards to add a review.)


Episode 2 ~ Hourou Musuko

Hey guys and gals! During the last few days, our chefs were sick of winter and decided to have a change of pace by making many different flavors of ice-cream for the summer. However, we made a little too much…and we didn’t want to get sick from eating too much cold ice-cream, so today, Café Daifuuku is here to bring you a once in a lifetime opportunity! That’s right! It’s an Ice-Cream Eating Contest!


Its full of freezing coldness! Needless to say, those living in the Southern Hemisphere may find it easier to consume than those living up North...

The challenge?
Consume a life-sized Slice-of-Life bowl of Ice-Cream! This must be done without tears of gratification/love/pain from brain-freeze in your eyes!
The first person to successfully attempt this will receive an AMAZING prize! (mainly, more ice cream)

And in order to help you increase your chances of winning, you will be prepped with the following 2 lessons:

Lesson 1: How to avoid tears
Lesson 2: On tears, emotions, and other factors

Lesson 1 will include a summary of the history of crying, while lesson 2 will cover more about how one’s personal thoughts can affect how someone else thinks. For more tips on how to win, hover your mouse over the images!
Alright! Lets get started!


Episode 1~GoSick

Instead of the usual assortment of sweets, Cafe Daifuuku!’s special today shall be mystery meat. Good old mystery meat that is mysterious in all ways except that it is definitely meat. It could be full of great flavours, it could also be full of disgusting ones. We won’t know till we try it.

Get your spoons ready folks, because we’re about to dig into…

The title makes sense if you try to say it with a Japanese accent


Episode 1 ~ Hourou Musuko

Today’s Menu contains high amounts of philosophy as the coffee beans we’re using today are quite old…
So, as you’re drinking your morning coffee, ponder this:

“What are little girls made of?”

Why, sugar, spice, and everything nice of course! However, the same ingredients can be found in all cafés, including this one. Does that make Café Daifuuku a girl…?


A highly important question that should not be taken lightly!

Today’s order will come to you in 2 Parts. They are as follows:

  • Part 1: On Roses and Violets, and
  • Part 2: First Impressions

Part 1 would be a general summary of the first episode, while part 2 would be exactly what it sounds like it would be.
To help you further wake up your mind (if the coffee isn’t strong enough), why not hover your mouse over the images?