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About the blog

About Daifuuku! Anime Blog

Daifuuku! Anime Blog was born at 6:30 PM on January 9th, 2011 (GMT-5). It weighed in at 0 pounds and 0 ounces as the beautiful child to its co-founders, Starburst-chan and Serené Lin. The blog’s purpose is to review anime , music and manga and bring a worthwhile read to its readers.

The name of the blog, Daifuuku!, was inspired by the nickname Kurogane of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles gave Mokona, “manju bean paste bun”. Since that was too long of a title, we went with Daifuku, because it was kind of the same thing (both filled with red bean paste and is a Japanese confection). Since Daifuku is also a Japanese confectionery sweet, we also reference our name to Andoh-kun from Yumeiro Patissiere, because we love his big-brother personality (and his sweet spirit Caramel! <3). Daifuku also means great luck, which is what we hope for our blog and everyone here, because you can never have too much luck 🙂

So why Daifuuku! instead of Daifuku! ? Well, first of all, Daifuku was, unfortunately, taken by someone who haven’t even posted anything. So the founders improvised and added an extra u after fu~ and thus the name Daifuuku! To cover up this moment of extreme random decision making with something deep and meaningful, the founders agreed to tell everyone who questions the reason for the extra U by stating: “we decided to use double U’s because there’s two of Us”. Smart eh? The exclamation mark is solely there for awesomeness. Angel Beats! , one of both the founders’ favourite animes, (and Durarara! also) has an exclamation at the end of it, so why not add an exclamation mark after Daifuuku ?

As a group blog, it is also important to distinguish between the writers in question. Here in Daifuuku, if both writers are to take part in the making of a post, individual ideas and comments are color-coded so you can easily see who is who:

Serené Lin:

These coloured comments makes it easier to see our personal viewpoints about an anime, manga, or song. In all other cases, uncoloured fonts belong to both writers.

Daifuuku! Twitter: daifuuku

Enough information about our blog.
Get Reading!

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!


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  1. Uwaaaa **
    First time I see someone, who watched Yumeiro patissiere!! *0*
    Thank heavens, for my prayers have been heard!

  2. Blog link added 😉

  3. hey plz follow me:) also wow! ur blog looks amazing! how did u get ur name? did u have to pay?!! also how old r u all? u write rlly well! 🙂

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