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About Orange-sama

Orange-Sama Blogging Color: Orange

Hey guise,

Orange-sama here, I unanimously am in love with orange, the fruit, the colour, anything orange…except maybe orange sungalsses.

I’ve been watching anime since 2005 and reading manga since 2004, so that makes it 6 years now, you can call me a Lieutenant if we were talking about the military. Let’s see, before I started to get serious with anime, I was influenced by it since I was small but didn’t know it until I thought about it now. I grew up in China and they used to air Chinese dubs of Crayon Shin-chan, Chibi Maruko-chan, and Digimon, these were my three favourite shows since when I was a chibi myself. I still live Crayon Shin-chan for its awesome sexually referenced jokes which I didn’t really get back when I was a chibi, I regularlly dig out that box of Chinese Shin-chan when I get the chance!

Most of my music are Vocaloids, nuff said.

Though sometimes English songs like Firework (Katy Perry) and any Lily Allens pop up from time to time. I’ve given up on Chinese songs, they’re not good enough for me anymore. (in my very biased opinion)

For my fav genres, I’m a serious gore and horror junkie, not to forget dark and gloomy mysteries. I unanimously (said that 2wice) dislike shoujo, you can say I’m the antithesis of Serené, dunno what she finds in those light and fluffy shoujos. Haters gonna hate.

I’m new to aniblogging so I hope I can get this right.


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