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Birthday Surprise!

On this faithful day (January 28th) 300 years ago, Orange-sama was born a healthy orange baby. After several years of growing, maturing and avoiding giant fruit-eating hands, Orange-sama’s efforts at growing up has finally come to fruition. (See what we did there?)

We congratulate you, Orange-sama, for becoming ripe as a fruit in the basket of life, for not running away from the fruit-flies that are life’s challenges, and third of all, avoiding the bottomless blender of life that is depression. Thank you, for not becoming a smoothie.

The meeting of us three was not at all inevitable. Seriously, what are the chances of having a bursting celestial figure, a citrus fruit and an alien-like human in the same room together at the same time without one being annihilated by the other? BUT it DID HAPPEN. Starburst-chan had a cold and couldn’t burst that day, Serené Lin was surprisingly not hungry and luckily, did not have a craving for fruits, and Orange-sama was just…there in the room. That’s pretty much Orange-sama had to do. She was just there, and her citrisy smell presence just filled the room. Starburst-chan and Serene Lin immediately recognized the amazing potential that such a orange fruit could have and blackmailed recruited her into the Daifuuku! Team.

We thank you Orange-sama, for a lot of things. First of all, dealing with Serené Lin’s overuse of the word oxygen, morning and obsession with Hello!Project. Second, dealing with Starburst-chan’s chronic condition of exploding right after she has an assessment. Thirdly, being the great aniblogger that you are, and the brave soul that watch horror and NSFW shows that the rest of us two scaredycats can’t. Fourthly, you own a mac…enough said, GG. You are ze glue that holds all of us Daifuuku!ers together.

Happy birthday Orange-sama! Hope you have one filled with lots of joy and excitement! Party hard, pig out, enjoy yourself, watch anime, read manga, blog, and drink 8 glasses of water everyd..where is this going?!

Thus, an properly oranged birthday present for our Orange!

Some testimonials of her awesomeness, allot lotsa effort, space and word to describe relationship.

Oh fellow former Metanorn lurker, we go way back to elementary school. My first reaction of you was “WHOA, she’s tall!” I never got to know you that much better until late in the elementary years when we were actually in the same class. I still remember being in the art club with you, supervised by the elementary school version of your math teacher last year (you know who I mean). It was such a coincidence that we just happened to move to houses right next to each other after elementary. I still remember yelling out the window to your house when I was bored. By the way, thanks again for bring my backpack and stuff when I sprained my ankle due to…challenged soccer skills. Anyways, I really got to know you better once we went to junior high and now high school. Loads of memories there – Winnipeg, QT *wink wink*, volleyball, basketball, track, blah blah blah. Before making this sound like an assignment we have to write for school, I’ll end this right here, right now. You, Orange-sama, are amazing beyond words, and thus, is truly deserving of your -sama title. And the fact now that you’re now older than both Serené and I, just adds to your already superiority to us, or at least me, for at least a few months until we catch up. Bask in your glory, Orange-sama, you definitely deserve it, and being alive for almost (3/4) two decades is a big accomplishment.
Oh, and since I’m too much of a noob and cannot spell japanese romanji at the top of my head, I’ll do it in multiple languages (2 of which Serene Lin doesn’t take HAHA.

In our mother tongue : 生日快乐!祝你寿比南山!xD
En français: Bon anniversaire! Bon fête! Joyeux anniversaire!
English: Happy birthday Orange-sama!
L’espanol/language of Dora: Feliz cumpleaños!

…and may your younger sisters remain less annoying than mine.

Unlike Starburst-chan’s experience with your height, I never got to know you until we were roughly about the same (vertically speaking). Our first “real” meeting wasn’t until High School, but I really started to know you better this year – yay for having half of our courses together! Although being in the same class with you is definitely not good for our teachers (can you imagine them pulling their hair out with distress as they try to remember on-so-similar and yet-so-different names?), I rather enjoyed it (I never have to answer the teacher again when I hear your/my name since I know you’ll do it … I kid) because I was able to learn about your undying love for Vocaloid and Touhou (Bad Apple FTW!) among other things.

To sum that all up, Orange-sama, I think you’re an awesome citrus! (made increasingly awesome by your high intake-limit of blood and gore)
Like the song says, Tanjyoubi omedetou!

And so, for the rest of this year and well into the next,
Yoroshiku onigaismasu!

Happy birthday to our Orange-sama! We hope you will all help us celebrate here in Café Daifuuku!
Also, special shoutouts to customers who shares Orange-sama’s special day:

Tanjyoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!
We hope you were able to celebrate it in style!


Nooooo! Anything but the strawberry, L!


Comments on: "Birthday Surprise!" (8)

  1. It’s really sweet how all 3 of you are such good buddies! 🙂
    Happy Birthday Orange-Sama! I can’t believe we have the same birthdays! also someone from KZI which I found out recently has the same bday too! amazing! *.*

  2. Orange-sama said:



  3. Hey happy birthday! Little late but hope it was full of cake and fun! 😀

  4. Orange-sama said:

    GWAW! Thanks everyone! My parents made a turkey, so my friend bought a teeny tiny circular cake the size of an apple from the nearest asian supermarket. =P

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