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Episode 3 ~ Madoka Magica

Every once in a while, someone might accidentally fall asleep while baking cakes and slip in the wrong spice or ingredient. Lets face it; we’re all human and we all make mistakes right?

Of course, there are also times when the mistake is made on purpose. An unexpected chili-sauce may find its way mysteriously into a Creme Puff. Ginger slices may be used instead of strawberries on a cake. Brocolli might be tasted in one’s coffee. An unsuspecting non-paying customer end up in the loo for longer than they expected.
Needless to say, we try our best to avoid situations like these by taste-testing each one.


It might not look like it, but this Light-and-Fluffy coffee was found to contain traces of Orange Juice!

A few days ago, one of the cakes slipped under our radar. It was a cute, fluffy, and pink Mahou Shoujo cupcake. No one thought to test it out….
And now it is out there…somewhere…

We can only hope the unfortunate customer had dropped the cake-box on the way home, wreaking the taste-bomb cupcake and disposing of it without eating.
But of course, life isn’t that convenient, is it?

Of course, to help you fully understand the situation, we need to start from the beginning.
Thus, today’s message comes to you in 2 parts one part. That is:

Part 2: The possible scenarios
(sorry >.< I’m skipping the anime review this week because of exams. More about that later, but I’ll possibly get back to this afterwards to add a review.)


Part 2: Possible Scenarios

Seriously, this episode has completely changed everything I had previously known about animes and plotlines and media! Especially with Mahou-Shoujo genres, the main girls (the ones with magical power) never die! Yes, they might get hurt; a cut here, a scrape there, but they never actually DIE. In all the stories/animes/books I’ve listened to/watched/read, the main characters, both the good ones and the bad ones, never die (unless the story/series is ending, like in the case of old Voldemort in Harry Potter, or if it’s time for a bad-guy change, like Nanoha/Mermaid Melody/Pretty Cure, etc).

However, as much as I want to believe that Mami isn’t actually “dead” (which, in anime terms, mean that they are no longer in the same dimension as the plotline, but may come back as a memory/in the stars&sky/at a time of great need to help current “living” characters), the show must go on.
The only question is, how?

Here are some possibilities(?).

Plan A
Mami comes back to life! It turns out that she’s not actually dead, and so she comes back! Of course, this scenario is almost completely impossible, since SHAFT would then have to explain why/how she was able to come back to life, especially after all the “being a Puella Magi is dangerous work” information that was drilled in us during the last 2 episodes, but it would be great if Mami had 9 lives, or even just 3, for that matter.
Another version of this scenario is to have Mami come back, but without her Soul Gem. She would no longer have magic, and would forget everything that has happened during  her time as a Puella Magi (somewhat similar to what happened to Nanoha during A’s, except Nanoha got her powers back later on). Mami would live her life as a student, and would not recognize Madoka and Miki. Later on, she may get attacked by a Grief Seed, thus prompting Madoka/Miki to make the contract and become Puella Magi in order to save her from the danger (something they were not able to do this time and will probably feel guilty of by next episode)

Plan B
Kyube follows Madoka around and stays with her. Bad things start to happen to people around her (which may or may not be caused by Kyube), namely to her parents and her friend Shizuki (do we all still remember her?). In order to save the people that she loves and cares deeply about, Madoka ends up making the contract. This sounds rather evil, but with Kyube’s comment this episode about how Madoka can become a really strong Puella Magi, who knows how far the creature is willing to go to get that wish?

Plan C
The 2 girls bump into Homura again when she’s trying to kill a Witch. Ironically, Homura gets in trouble with the Witch and is in danger. Madoka/Miki cannot bear to see Homura die as well, so they are forced to make their wish to save her. Of course, this would be rather embarrassing and somewhat awkward for Homura since she’s the one who’s trying to keep the other 2 girls away from making that wish in the first place…

Plan D
Madoka is involved in an accident and ends up being forced to make the wish like Mami. I doubt SHAFT can possibly scoop this low and repeat Mami’s past on Madoka though, so this plan isn’t really valid.

Plan E
Kyube leaves them, and the 2 girls eventually forget about their ordeal. They get older, and one day, they find a Grief Seed that is about to do serious damage. The 2 girls suddenly remember about Kyube and Puella Magis, and Kyube somehow magically appears in front of them. They make the wish to save the people around them from harm. This plan will take a very long time to properly carry out on anime…

Plan F
Kyube starts cheating. The creature goes around and waits for Madoka/Miki to mention the words “I Wish”. One hot and sunny day, Madoka is feeling dreadful of the stuffy weather and says: “I wish I had a cup of Iced Water”…painful hilarity ensues.

Plan G
One fateful day in Japan, aliens from another planet comes to visit. They beam up Madoka (by pure chance/luck) and goes about operating on her brain to learn more about Homo Sapiens. After finishing their research, they beam her down again. From this ordeal, Madoka loses the horrible memory and is easily persuaded to help save the world by becoming a Puella Magi.

Plan H
Madoka can’t get over the guilt of not doing anything when Mami was dying, so she becomes a Puella Magi in order to revenge her senpai. This one is…well…really really shallow…

I’m personally rooting for Plan G. It sounds fun!

You may have noticed that I’ve neglected Miki in most of the possible scenarios. I think Miki’s becoming a Puella Magi is more a question of “when” instead of “why”. This episode, it looks like she already has a slight idea of what she wants to wish for (Kyosuke’s recovery from his illness), and although she was having second thoughts about it, I don’t think she’s the type who will sit around and watch Kyosuke die. After all, since it is a terminal illness, I’m guessing that Miki will definitely step in sometime and avoid the death, even if she may be separated from him afterwards.
Of course, if this happens, then we have the extra scenario that Miki, after becoming a Puella Magi, may get into a pinch, and Madoka would have to make the wish in order to save her.

The only thing we know for sure at the moment is that Madoka will eventually become a Puella Magi (…right?!?!). I mean, SHAFT has her magical girl designs, and it looks like she has a transformation sequence already (the opening theme). Other than that, I really have no idea where SHAFT plans to go. It feels like we’re being slowly lured into a trap…

Speaking of opening themes though, after seeing this episode, I have gotten really paranoid. The reason for opening themes, other than to show really great songs, is to show the characters the story will be evolving around (in most cases, anyways). This is especially true when it comes to Mahou-Shoujo animes (think Nanoha, particularly their 3rd season. There were 5-8 (?) magical girls (and boy) shown in the opening alone!) but with Puella Magi, the whole opening theme was centered on Madoka alone.
Is this a sign of what’s to come?

Ending of on a lighter note though, the ending sequence finally came though! Kalafina’s song! Need I say more?

However, the ending brings more questions along with it…the sequence shows Madoka(?) walking past other chraracters in the anime, before running off into the distance. There are some things that are worthwhile thinking about though…for example:
Is it really Madoka walking? Although the silhouette looks like her, the girl who runs has her hair down. Is that still Madoka?
Also, who’s the 2nd girl who pans past Madoka when she walks? The first one looks like Miki, the 3rd one is definitely Mami (R.I.P) and the last one looks like Homura. Who’s the 2nd? It doesn’t look like Shizuki…

Ahhhh. I think I might go crazy soon…

PS: Has anyone noticed that the last screen of the ending sequence looks like a face with the Madoka as an eye?


Comments on: "Episode 3 ~ Madoka Magica" (2)

  1. So many plans! xD

    Episode three does leave you with a bit of shock, but things are alright well a bit sad in the 4th episode but hey it’s all good!

    Love this series more and more 🙂

    • Haha. I had to type them out TWICE. Lazy WordPress wouldn’t save properly the first time >.<

      I've just finished watching episode 4 actually. Such a sudden change in mood and plotline. SHAFT will never fail to amaze and surprise…

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