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Episode 2 ~ Madoka Magica


Hey guys! Café Daifuuku has recently recieved a shipment of delicious looking-cakes, so we thought we’ll treat you to some!
However, there were only 3 cakes in the box, so sadly not everyone can have some. Which means that you’ll all be working hard to get hold of a piece of this cake!

Thus, today we will host the “Scientific-Cake contest!” brought to you by yours truely, Chef Serené.

Mahou Shoujo Cake

Thus, today’s event will come to you in 3 steps:

  • Step 1 ~ Brief History of the Mahou Shoujo cake,
  • Step 1.5 ~ The challenge, and
  • Step 2 ~ Taste-test (for the winners, of course!)

Alright, what are you waiting for? Lets get started!
As well, hovering your mouse over images is a requirement for this challenge!

As an Mahou-Shoujo anime, there are often many stories to be made to deepen the plot before action can be allowed to happen. This is mainly because Magical Girls (and boys) do not exist (or do they?) in the real world, so their individual, fabricated world must first be carefully woven before they can become alive on the big screen. Having said that, it was not a surprise that today’s episode was somewhat slow and consisted of little more than the magical laws of physics.
Of course, learning science in Puella Magi didn’t make it any less enjoyable!


Step 1 ~ “That Sounds Wonderful”

Episode 2 once again started with a dream, although it was a far outcry of the epec-ness of episode 1. In her dream, we get some flashbacks from the previous episode, and learn that mysterious girl #2 is actually a 3rd year student at the school by the name of Mami Tomoe. Like always, Madoka wakes up from her dream, only to find that Kyube, the fox-like creature from the previous episode, is now staying with her.

The Kyube stuffed animal is all the rage in Japan

[cue opening song]

The scene starts with Madoka and her mother, who briefly mentions her tardiness at coming home the evening before. Madoka explains that she had been invited to a senpai’s house, and we get some more flashbacks.

Yes Madoka. Why didn't you tell me you had a boyfriend? I'm disappointed in you...

Of course, the ability to become invisible to particular people at will does come in handy


It seems that after Kyube’s request, Madoka and Miki were invited to Mami-senpai’s home, where they were treated to tea and cake, as well as a brief lesson on the Laws of Scientific Magic.

The laws themselves were quite simple, and are as follows:
(you can make notes on a napkin, this might be useful information!)

The 1st Law: For every force, there is an equal and opposite force
That’s why there are both magical girls and witches. Both good and bad exist together.
Witches spread despair around the world (which causes fights and suicides), while magical girls spread hope and light.
Witches live in a magical dimension, while magical girls live in the real world.

Well then, that would explain this...

...and this...


The 2nd Law: Everything is caused by something else
Witches are born from curses, while magical girls get their energy from a wish that has been granted.
The reason why magical girls fight witches is partly because of a “prize” that is granted at the end of a successful mission.
To become a Magical Girl, you will need a Soul Gem, which brings us to…

Why are all magical things the same color as the bearer's hair?

The 3rd Law: T = CW (Transformation = Contract x Wish)
To transform, all magical girls must first make a contract with Kyube (who is a familiar). Each girl gets any one of her wishes/wants automatically granted by Kyube, and in return get a Soul Gem which will require them to risk their lives fighting witches.
Nothing is free in this world…not even a stone. And I thought OUR economy was bad…

I wish you would blink more often...

Miki seems to have the right idea


After being given this information, Mami-senpai invited Madoka and Miki to take part in the next “Witch-hunt” to help them make their decision on whether or not they would like to become magical girls.

Back in the real world, Madoka asks her mother about a wish that she might want to have granted. Of course, like all logical mothers, the answer didn’t really apply to Madoka herself.

What would YOU wish for?

On the way to school, Madoka and Kyube meet Miki and Shizuki. Once again, it is established that any non-magical person will not be able to see Kyube. Here, we are also offer an explanation of why Kyube’s face was all glued stiff in the first episode.

Somewhat awkward...

Skill #2: Telepathy


And of course, Shizuki senses something is really amiss…

Yes Shizuki, its Forbidden!

At school, the duo (plus Kyube) go up to the school roof to talk about their thoughts on becoming magical girls. They’re not excited at all about the possibility of getting the power to use magic, and express their confusion.

I think all philosophy is made on a roof...

And of course, this is the perfect time for Homura to walk in.
Our mysterious girl #1 proves her mysteriousness with a rather mysterious conversation.

“Do you remember what I said yesterday?”
“Very well. I won’t remind you twice.”

It is hinted here that Homura was fighting against Kyube because she didn’t want the familiar to meet Madoka. Needless to say, she failed quite miserably.

Confrontation! Dun Dun DUNNN!

Fast-forward to after school. Madoka and Miki meet Mami at a restaurant prior to “witch hunting”. Of  course, being the responsible students that they are, each of the girls bring some things with them in preparation of the big event.

"I thought I should start with a design"

Totally Prepared

The team sets off to track down the witch, and by a pure stroke of anime-luck, they arrive at a broken-down building just in time to save the witch’s victim from a suicide attempt.

The victim of the witch

A Witch's kiss marks the victim













Entering the building, the team finds the witch’s hideout/dimension door. They enter the world of horror.

The Witch's Evil Labyrinth

After locating the witch, Mami-senpai does what all caring senpais do. She carefully constructs a shield for her underclassmates before plunging into the battlefield on her own.
In case you were wondering, this is how a witch looks like:

I do hope you weren't eating anything when you saw this

She then proceeds to show us how real Magical Girls fight.

Mami generously shows us where she hides her big guns

A few rounds of bullets later, she successfully rids of the Witch.

That witch almost made me miss my tea time!

Remember the Laws of Scientific Magic? Well, law #2 talked about a prize, and we were shown more about this prize.

Grief Seed: for cleansing and re-upgrading of one's Soul Gem

At such a mysterious time, who could have popped up other than mysterious girl #1? Maki offers her the Grief Seed, but Homura chose not to accept it.
Homura leaves in her same mysterious way, the lady they saved woke up, and the story ends on a fairly happy note.

Yes it is girls. Yes it is...


Step 2 ~ Taste-test!

Whats that? We skipped the challenge? No we didn’t!
Moment of truth time! Do you remember the 3 Laws of Scientific Magic? No cheating!

Compared to the previous episode, this one was slower by a considerate amount. Not that I minded too much.

SHAFT continued to show their originality by leaping even further away from the norm this time round. Of course, although we all know that both Madoka and Miki will agree to become magical girls in the end, they are actually considering the job and what goes along with it compared to the average Mahou-Shoujo heroine who jumps on the boat without a second thought.

I’m looking forward to more of the story. There were some very huge hints along the way about the many plot twists we definitely will see in the (near?) future, including Miki’s mysterious flashback and Homura’s reaction to Madoka’s question about the wish she had made in order to become a magical girl.

Of course, it was to be expected but poor Shizuki (do y’all still remember her?) really is becoming very left out! Thank goodness she’s taking it humorously though (or she’s just oblivious, whichever one came first).

D'awww! Poor Shizuki, feeling all left out...

Another thing I noticed was the impressive amount of decency that SHAFT actually has. A lot of Mahou-Shoujo has at least a little bit of fanservice (a panty-shot here, a garter there, etc etc) but SHAFT looks like they’re actually going out of their way to avoid them. This just goes to show that an anime’s success rate is not dependent on the amount of skin that gets shown, but rather by the content. Heck, they even have absolutely no skin showing during the transformation sequence! I think this is definitely a first. Check out some of these other fanservice concealers.

No panties here...

...or even here!

...or here...


It’s almost like there are stones weighing down their skirts to make sure we won’t get “accidental” panty shots.
Either that, or it may be because none of the staff at SHAFT can draw/animate blue strips or pink strawberry patterns.
Whatever it is, thank goodness!

And look! Kyube has recovered full use of his/her/its face!

I think I'm in L O V E !


Comments on: "Episode 2 ~ Madoka Magica" (4)

  1. Lol the magical animal eats all kinds of things seems strange but guess he is there for cute factor, they did give him ears inside of ears and he doesn’t blink! creepy.

    Things are getting good! that ending was kind of like what!!? when she offered to give the other girl the dark seed/jewel.

    So much mystery 🙂

    • The ears inside of the ears were really cute! Although I always thought it was HAIR inside his ears. Either way, I think I’ve completely fallen for him/her/it. I demand Kyube plushies. Its so cuteeeeeeeee!!!

      I really like where this is going too! The plot has suddenly gotten much much deeper with the questions about why Homura, and Mami decided to become magical girls in the first place. Although I don’t think this is possible, I want to try seeing either Miki or Madoka refusing to become a Puella Magi. That would definitely be an original twist =D

      I can’t wait for the next episode!

  2. Orange-sama said:

    I lol at the magazine cut outs! Seriously, SHAFT is the only one that can pull it off! It’s really neat.

    And SHAFT is an audience friendly extremist…still love their shows though.

    • I bet all of SHAFT’s employees had to send in examples of “Magazine Collage” work along with their resumés.

      And YES to anything that can be rated Everyone!

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