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Episode 2 ~ Freezing

Good evening. Welcome to Daifuuku! What would you like to order today? I suggest the chef’s recommendation; our very own Orange-sama’s ORLY orange sundae optionally topped with berry syrup or honey.

Thank you for ordering. We would also like to offer Orange-sama‘s complimentary review of the action-packed Freezing.

Yersh! We're watching pr0n on big screen HD!

Enjoy your meal. \(^o^)/

Again, I’ll probably pic spam all the way…though I’d say that anime watchers would prefer pictures over words any day…..right?

Such a cool layout, I want it for Daifuuku!!

View: After our little intro, the scene cuts in with much murmur around the school campus that the Academy’s Rank 1 has been defeated by Ganessa Roland. We then are shown the Student Council president showing Kazuya around the campus, they bring up the topic of that mysterious girl yesterday which Kazuya thought looked like his sister. Kazuya wonders if he should apologize to her since the reason she lost was because of him, but the President Fairchild tells him that he’s messed with her enough and needs to transfer immediately and never cross paths with her again. (Like hell that’s gonna happen, not in episode 2 it ain’t!)

Speaking of the devil, she arrives and over hears them. Kazuya follows and and proceeding to apologize. When she continued to ignore him, he grabbed her arm, attempting to apologize to her again. Satelizer suddenly has a flashback of her childhood, it sseemed like she’s had a tough past.She flusters and oh, there’s the girly reaction again, what the hell is going on? This time she get pissed of and summons her cool sword.

If things can’t get any worse, that cocky bitch from last week comes and starts flaunting her victory. There are few more fiery exchanges with monotonous replies from Satelizer, this pissed her off and she decides that they should have a fair fight. Remember kids, if you ignore a bully, he does feel that there’s no point in verbally bullying you, but he’s gonna start physically bullying you. So those anti-bullying presentations are phoney! But it wasn’t a fair fight to begin with since Satelizer’s missin’ an eye…but we’ll see how it turns out.


Ya know, sometimes I wonder about their transformation it just me?

Ya betta hide ya kids and hide ya wife, b*tch...the glasses are OFF!

Tonikaku, they do some light sparring, and Satelizer, obviously pwns her pretty bad. The Roland girl, being humiliated since she said so much about how she’s totally gonna beat the crap outta Bridget, breaks the rules and enters Pandora Mode, thinking she’s the only sophomore that can do this, she chains Bridget up and…whips her. Now as Bridget seems to be near the point of death and Roland was about to kill her(truth is that she’s been holding back on small fries like her), Kazuya jumps in and stands in front to block Satelizer, but he being so weak get bitch-slapped by Roland. This pissed off Satelizer and sheactivates her Pandora, and we hear epic music once again. Now that Bridget is in her Pandora Mode, she basically kills Roland in one strike, no mercy. Just as she was about to make the finishing blow, they are halted by the physics teacher and the nurse, who were ex-Pandoras who fought in the big Nova war where Kazuya’s sister died. The fight is over, Roland and Satelizer gets punished, and no more epic music 😦

As Kazuya returns to his dorm, he meets Arthur Cripton, they talk a while about limiters and Pandoras. Cripton reveals that he’s the limiter of that annoying chick Roland (not that important but just thought I’d say they have the same attitude). More boob shots from Satelizer and we switch scenes…

…to this eerie room shaded in purple light, we see wine being poured, and we see a seductive woman surrounded by young men…(cougar much?) She looks at a hologram of Kazuya and says to her self that she’s gonna ‘devour’ him since she’s the all-so-great limiter what’s-her-name. The scene cuts off as she does that thing that diabolical villain in superhero comics do; licks her lips and boobshot!

Preview: Next time, it seems that Kazuya’s in trouble with the Limiter ‘devourer’! Will he fall for her charms or will Bridget, our hero, come and save the day? That panty shot is off the charts! (obvious male audience direction is obvious)

Review: This episode got a lot of explaining out of the way so I think that we can hear less run-on PARAGRAPHS from now on. I’m glad that they quickly got rid of that annoying chick, tsunderes and tsuns in general are not my thing. However, I’m still amazed how they can just throw in boob shots and upskirts at just about anywhere, it’s amazing! They already have an advantage with Bridget’s uniform but…daimn its hot. The Pandora thing seems so be really neat, you get regenerating clothes, I mean, who doesn’t want regenerating clothes?!


What'cha lookin' at?

Regenerating clothes? DAT'S AWSUM!

Matamite ne<3


Comments on: "Episode 2 ~ Freezing" (5)

  1. Ah Freezing! this years Queens blade but in the future! wOoooooooooo!!

    I liked the transformations this time around really cool stuff mostly with the power up and hair changing. And the music wow amazing stuff during the fighting!

  2. Orange-sama said:

    The opening song didn’t really catch my eye, despite the contents of the show, I really thought they would have an epic fiery song instead of a cheery one.

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