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Episode 1 ~ Fractale

Here at Café Daifuuku, we’re not always all work and no play. In fact, when the shop closes down at night, you can often find us huddled in the back around our trusty little TV, watching the latest anime and stuffing our faces with leftover cake and coffee. Needless to say, that coffee gets us all through the night and occasionally can make us somewhat drunk.
This is a conversation that was held while 2 of our crew were drunk from too much coffee:

Don’t you just love our job?

Orange-sama and Serené likes shiny things, do you?

Colour code: Serené Lin, Orange-sama

Cotton Candy!

Its a House!

Such nice clouds. Just like cotton candy. We should eat cotton candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

No! =D

The style really reminds me of RomeoxJuliet. Not too crazy over character designs, but the scenery is awesome!

Parents of the future....

Yea the art is pretty good

The parents look weird. Kinda sad really.


I WANT ONEEEE What do you think it eats?

I have no idea

That song is good, I hope it’s on the OST when it come out


Gah! It’s the black market!!

Is that a friend? It looks like an overgrown potato…

Nah, he looks like poop….

Hey, be nice to the overgrown potato. Don’t call him names 😛

Attacked by giant excretement.

I assume that in the future we will be converted into one religion? And that star thing is almost like brainwashing everyone….*shudder*

Wait wait…isn’t looking directly at a star/sun dangerous to the eyes?

How can he bike that fast?


omg the opening kicks ass



Looks like a human-shaped amoebi/bacterium...

The kaleidoscpe thing is mesmerizing!

The colours
the colours
my eyes
the colours!
*in love*I feel like I’m gonna forget that I have homework All my troubles, gone, GONEEE *flies away to heaven*

A nice upbeat song by Azuma Hitomi
!! I’m being hypnotized
Wow that was so short, it was fun while it lasted.

I can’t comment on the OP, I was too busy going crazy over the opening visuals

When in doubt: grab ankles

Human mattress!

That was so dumb, he just….

This guy has not hit puberty.

This guy is a friggin shy boy

He keeps saying  “woah…is that a…a GIRL?”. Are females THAT hard to find?

Lol he’s never seen one!

I wonder how children were made XP

Let’s not go there.

Good choice

X-men Cyclops

Alright, let’s continue….

Haha they missed them, what dumb bad guys

Wow…we’re “SOOOO” Terrified of such skilled bad guys XD

They’re worse than Disney villains


The dog has a doppel too?

It seems so, though it just looks like a pillow…that’s alive.

I can understand the parents having dopples (if they’re busy working away another country or something, but why the dog? Is it too busy eating?

I can say it’s safe to think that…..

Must be an important dog…

I swear this guy is too dere…
what a nervous wreck he is in

Yes, mom and dad, please leave me alone in the house
Of course, do feel free to randomly pop up again in 3, 2, 1!




lols, the guy is like WOAHHHHHHH

Yo, the girl can be in a shampoo commercial! Did you see how she went *WHOOOOOOSH* with that awesome hair?

Agreed. I wonder if they use shampoo in the future…


Love his reaction though.


The girl is so random
Possible that the girl has never seen a guy either?

I know!! Maybe she was the same…

Yes yes, I’ll just walk in on this person I met while not wearing anything…


You, hey you over there, scratch my back.

I guess this isn’t a fanservice show…=(

lols, thats a good thing

Compared to freezing

You’ve been watching too much fanservice lately XP

Yea, most of those have the action because it’s directed towards the male percentile of the audience.

I thought that she meant it’s ‘wonderful’ that he’s rubbing his back

Daww…she fell asleep. She’s gonna catch a cold like that


This is what I mean by you watching TOO MUCH fanservice lately…

LOL, she must be tired with all that fighting that went on, and she’s naked…it’s like….the perfect senario.

Wow, a projector is considered antique, what will happen to our Apple products in the future?

That must explain why we only have FIVE in the whole school eh? Jolly Good ol’ Projectors are hard to come by

Aww, tears, we always need that in a shoujo

Thats amazing. This is why, ladies and gents, that you should not take Botox. All that firming of those cheeks will mean that you’ll not be able to smile when the girl/boy of your dreams require you to do so.


The bad guys

It’s like those disney villains

Wait wait wait
he doesnt even lock the door
Why don’t the bad guys just go in?
They’re trying so hard too XD
sort of

Donay and monay….!
lol it’s like they gangsters or something.

kinda reminds me of the SANITIZE from Moyashimon

They should have used force the first time
This must be official folks. This season, all anime companies are working together to unveil the real reason why fire extinguishers were invented.

LMAO, oouf.

She’s not tall enough to get in on her own

What an annoying loli, we’ll see more of her in the future for sure…



She’s from the past?

I think yea
or the future

The temple design the same as her amulet? DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN

Awww she leaves him all alone!
*cricket sounds*


Is the seiyuu the one who sang it? I’m totally in love with this song!

You can access data from a gem? Technology in the future is friggin’ awesome
Stars and fluffy sparkly things. You know whats next!

It’s so random, why, why, just why does he summon a loli girl?! Why not some hot chick with tittays? Like in Freezing.

Orange-sama, you REALLY need that vacation…I think all the “tittays” are getting into your head…
On a separate note though, I expected the magical girl to be a Shugo-chara sized thing. More chibi and less…real?

Well, I…I…SORRY I’M NOT A LOLICON!! *runs away*

Folks, THIS is how you punish un-loli lovers, let the guilt catch up to them

Uuu…uuuu *sniff*

*comes back* For the ending we have an awkward English song sung by the OP singer Azuma Hitomi, I’d have so say, Jap singer should stick to singing Jap, except for Rie Fu!

Psh, Rie Fu is too busy singing for Wandering Son! And let me tell you, her new song is AMAZING!

I think that this anime is pretty good, the art is unique and there’s really good animation. The music is top-notch in terms of insert songs, but in soundtracks, I haven’t heard enough to be able to make a fair judgement. The story seems good so far and it looks like it’s going to get even better. My lone complaint is that the loli girl shouldn’t be allowed to be a villain…why would anyone be sad enough to make a little girl so sick-hearted? Apparently they do…

Love the scenery, love the music (the insert song anyways). Not so sure about the character design. There were a few parts throughout the animation where it simply looked awkward. Perhaps I’ve gotten too used to shiny hair and huge eyes, but the style on the characters look really old-school.
There’s been a bit too much skin showing this episode for my liking, however, the plotline so far is a good one.
I just hope he doesn’t start going all lovey-dovey on the girl that was summoned. Now THAT would be awkward…


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  1. Great review you two nice work! Tag team is so much fun to do 😀

    We thought the same thing with the team rocket comment, I loved the artwork in this very nice stuff. This show screams Xamd lost memories to me if you saw that one.

    Great characters so far 🙂

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