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Episode 1 ~ Freezing

Sir/Madam, here’s our compliments of ordering today’s special; Zesty Citrus cake with Orange-sama’s personal summary and review of the futuristic, action packed, and exciting new anime.

Enjoy your meal.

Freezing...dat bitch is ice cold!


Orange-sama loves pictures more than words so she’ll probably just pic spam the whole thing than give you any useful info…

View: Starts out with our main protagonist Bridget el Satellizer, giving us some fan service, we zoom in on her “stigma”…bodily mutations? Looks like what those gangstas do to their bodies. She transforms.

Now what’s different between the manga and the anime is that the uniform comes with the transformation…similar to your mahou shoujo, which makes it awkward for the manga reader like me because that uniform can regenerate! Now that’s something you don’t see every day…..regenerating clothes.

Next we have a wonderful opening by MARiA featuring what Bridget does when she’s not bein’ bad ass; nice and cheerful. She transforms (kinda reminded me of Sailor Moon) and we see her awesome bad ass self once again.

mmmmm! Tittays!

We jump right into the middle of action, it turns out that the school is in the midst of an intense series of training called the “Carnival” where the students get to go all out and kill each other? :s Yikes. Now this isn’t a show for chibis…After some slashing and cutting and epic orchestrated music, we find our main character get surrounded by 11 opponents but kicks them all in their hinds.

Yea, you betta be scared now bitch.

Cool intro, 007 anyone?

I like how they show how fast she is by doing that slo-mo with the raindrops, and how they never fail to insert an amazing boob shot no matter the occasion.

The scene cuts to the hospital where all the injured girls were taken, not to worry, no one dies. That is because these ladies have amazing regeneration powers among other useful things…this regenerating thing is serious business. One thing I’d like to say is that the screaming of the injured girls…is awesome…*hides*

We switch scenes to inside the school where the lower grades are having a class taught by this bombshell teacher, and she’s asked about the time when she was still a Pandora fighter, STORY TIME.

omg! IT'S OVER 9000!

We see this epic battle between the Pandora boys and girls agains multiple giant aliens. The battle is long and hard (:D), many girls have died or are injured badly. We catch a glimpse of the hero in this story; Kazuha, the sister of our second main character that will appear shortly.She tells her little brother that she won’t die or be defeated,she appears in the battle field after most of the girls were defeated as if an angel as descended upon Earth. And as all heros do, in the midst of calming piano soundtrack, she sacrificed herself and saved the day.

Tsk tsk…..for the love of tittays!

The battle ends and we go back to the present where we see young Kazuya, brother of the deceased hero, going to attend the Pandora school in order to be trained to fight against those giant alien things. On the plane, everything was explained to him by the student council president with the squinting eyes…(from what I’ve learned from watching anime for six years, it always indicates that the character is either powerful, evil, or scary)

Squinty eyes!

Shota fangirls, they're even in Freezing....poor guy.

Kazuya arrives at the school and is greeting by a nearby explosion, yes, the Carnival (what a cheesy name for something so intense…) was taking place. We see more of Bridget the “Untouchable Queen” mercilessly kicking ass. And the principle of the school which is a NUN and creating soldiers of VIOLENCE.

Welcome, Mr. President

Bridget, after defeating all her classmates, is greeted by a cocky upperclassmen that wants to beat the crap outta her. But that’s not gonna happen, another intense fight begins, Bridget seemed to have the upperhand, but as they crashed into the hallway in the building, she is met by Kazuya, who thinks he saw the form of his deceased sister. He runs up and hugs her, which triggers a girly reaction that looks too erotic to be true.


While Kazuya and Bridget are beginning to form the “Einbar”, the cocky upperclassman is gaining the upperhand, the scene cuts off at blood splattering.

The ending is an upbeat techno song featuring slide shows of the main girls in the story.

Preview: Next episode, there will be:

Review: I think that ACGT did a great job of not messing up the manga, and the music is great, nothing can go wrong there. What got me was the voice acting skills of these girls, it’s quite amazing. What else is there?

Please come again.


Kids, can you tell me what this show is about?

Genderbend Alfred much? (Hetalia)


Comments on: "Episode 1 ~ Freezing" (2)

  1. Well this show isn’t about cold water thats for sure xD

    Still a odd yet fun show to watch needs more blood…

    Damn anime food looks good D:

    • Orange-sama said:

      Well, I think the gore scale is just above 8/10, and the screaming and make up for the blood 😀

      Please come again!

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