remember, it's spelt with double U's!



Greetings people of this dimension! Welcome to Café Daifuuku! (remember: double U and exclamation mark!) Starburst-chan and Serené are here to take your order!

Here in Café Daifuuku, we offer a huge array of coffees for your enjoyment. Caffè Comedy, or Cappuccino served with a Slice of Life, you name it, we have it! Mahou-Shojo Espresso, anyone? If your drink is too bitter, why not sweeten it with a dash of sugary Romance? Starburst-chan and Serené are against drinking bitter coffee!

Whats that? Getting hungry? Well, not to worry! Here at Café Daifuuku!, we also serve cakes and cookies for our famished customers. Our Science-Fiction biscuits are great when taken with a touch of Adventure jams, and our Action cupcakes will refill your energy and have you jumping in your seats in no time! It’s a hot day and you want to cool down? Try our Mystery Ice-Cream Cake! It’ll chill you to the bone!

Of course, no Café is complete without that extra dash of fun! Here at Café Daifuuku, we offer music and mangas for your viewing and listening pleasure! Why not pick up the newest volume of Shounen-Jump with Starburst-chan while you wait for your order to be filled, or take a spin on the Jukebox with Serené to hear all the latest music as you’re savoring your coffee? It’s truly a multi-dimensional experience!

So without further ado, don’t forget to visit Café Daifuuku! for that cup of Joe! Our work hours are:

Monday to Saturday: 12:01AM – 11:59PM
Sundays: Forever

We’re looking forward to your visit! Come back soon!

Lots of Hugs,
Starburst-chan and Serené

Irashaimase~! We hope you enjoy your stay!

Please welcome Café Daifuuku’s first employee: Orange-sama! Specializing in Orange-flavored Pastries with a twist of zesty Horror, this new chef will have you screaming in delight – and other reasons. Look forward to this new flavor on our menu!


Comments on: "Welcome~kyon!" (28)

  1. Awww this is the cutest welcome post ever. XD

  2. someasian said:

    Haha well said

  3. Cute theme, uwahh now I’m hungry though. :3 I look forward to more reads from you girls/guys~ ^^/

  4. I neeeddd……CAKE!!!! ooooh~ nice intro! well I’m sutffed!

  5. Cute intro post! ^_^ and omg the banner is sooo adorable!! ❤ I have added you guys on my blogroll, you should have told me sooner! haha XD "Orange-sama" LOL!

    • Welcome and thank you Rudy 😀
      The only reason I haven’t told you sooner was because we wanted TO PERFECT THIS POST after the addition of Orange-sama to the team.
      She shall give a healthy dose of Vitamin C to the blog xD

  6. I can’t believe u guys are starting an anime blog! It’s too awesome to be real!

    by:some random asian girl named Kimm(You-Know-Who)

  7. Aah, such loveliness and cute-overload! Best of luck and I will be looking forward to your posts. :3

  8. Nice looking blog really good stuff 😀

    I shall visit and comment! Woooooooo!!

    -steals all the cake-


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